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Kingdom of Britannia Armoured Battlegroup

Kingdom of Britannia Armoured Battlegroup
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In 1867 the Kingdom of Britannia (KoB) underwent a massive restructure of its military into a single, combined war machine that could be used to strike down insurrection around the world, whether it was on land, sea or air.
Inside this box is a KoB Armoured Battle Group, the building block from which you can assemble your ground force of hulking metal vehicles. Massive Land Ships, Artillery, Medium Tanks and Small Tank Tokens come together to fight across the battlefields of the world!
Dystopian Wars is designed to allow ground, air and naval forces to combine together as you wage war against your enemies. The models in this boxed set can easily be used with other models, such as Battleships, Escorts, Corvettes, Submersibles, Destroyers, Gunships, Dreadnoughts, Airships, Bombers and other machines of war.
The following vehicles are included in this boxed set:

1x Sovereign Class Land Ship
The Sovereign is the utility workhorse of the Britannian land armies, and is a common sight across the world. As well as performing logistical functions it is very versatile, with different models of the same design having either turrets, mortars or a headquarters.

3x MKII Class Medium Tank
The MKII has plenty of firepower in three arcs giving it lots of options and no fear of being surrounded. A well positioned squadron of MKIIs can hold ground and threaten multiple enemies, linking their fire when necessary to take down targets of a larger class.

6x Cromwell Class Bombard
The Cromwell is a bunker buster of a tank. Although rigged for indirect fire it has been used extensively on the battlefield as a close range battle tank.

10x Terrier Class Small Tank
The Terrier is fast and agile, usually deployed in large numbers as a screen. In a combined attack a full squadron is a threat to most targets.

Manufacturer: Spartan Games

Product Code: DWKB21

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