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Citadel Finecast

Longstrike - Finecast - Direct Only Longstrike - Finecast - Direct Only The Tau do not dwell upon the concept of fighting at close quarters - running toward the enemy before struggling hand-to-hand is a brutual and incivilized prospect. Instead th… RRP: £9.50
Now: £10.93
Commander Farsight - Finecast - Direct Only Commander Farsight - Finecast - Direct Only Commander Farsight is a character who has emerged around the Vior'la Sept - and had headed the Farsight Enclaves for the past three centuries - this enigmatic leader has f… RRP: £30.00
Now: £34.50
Tau XV8 Battlesuit Commander - Finecast - Direct Only Tau XV8 Battlesuit Commander - Finecast - Direct Only Just as deserving Fire Warriors are gifted with XV8 Crisis Battlesuits in which to go to war, only the most experienced and worthy of XV8 pilots are promoted to the role of Ba… RRP: £25.00
Now: £28.75
Lindir - Finecast Lindir - Finecast Lindir was a proud Elf of the Third Age who welcomed Gandalf and his party to Rivendell in place of the absent Elrond. He lived a sheltered life among his people, studying the… RRP: £12.00

Riddles in the Dark - Finecast Riddles in the Dark - Finecast Following the unexpected arrival of 13 dwarves at his peaceful home in Bag End, Bilbo Baggins is thrown head-long into an adventure he would never forget - and a chance encoun… RRP: £20.00

Gwahir - Finecast Gwahir - Finecast Soaring above the troubles of the other Races, the Great Eagles seldom interfere in the events of the world. Gwahir is the Lord of the Eagles. A good friend to the Elves and W… RRP: £25.00

Festus the Leechlord - Finecast - DIRECT ONLY Festus the Leechlord - Finecast - DIRECT ONLY Festus is a sorcerer whose name is known across the Old World. Now a loyal servant of Nurgle, he was once a famed doctor of Nordland - but he fell foul of the temptations… RRP: £11.00
Now: £12.65
Scyla Anfingrimm - Finecast Scyla Anfingrimm - Finecast Scyla Anfingrimm is a hideous creation who lives purely to serve the chaos gods. Composed almost entirely of muscle and hatred, this barbaric behemoth spent much of his e… RRP: £30.00

Snotling Pump Wagon - Finecast Snotling Pump Wagon - Finecast Snotlings are small, weedy creatures who aspire to be just like their larger Greenskin comrades, and the Pump Wagon is their attempt to copy Orc Chariots. This bizarre contrap… RRP: £24.00
Now: £27.60
Empire Amber Battle Wizard - Finecast Empire Amber Battle Wizard - Finecast Amber Battle Wizards are potent magic users, able to cast devastating fireballs upon enemy units, and also raise bestial servants to aid their comrades upon the battlefield.&n… RRP: £10.00

Tyranid Deathleaper Tyranid Deathleaper The ultimate assassin, the Death Leaper was created by Hive Fleet Leviathan as a weapon of pure terror - destroying enemy morale, this relentless killer toys with its prey bef… RRP: £15.50
Now: £17.83
Bjorn the Fell-Handed - Finecast Bjorn the Fell-Handed - Finecast A legendary figure among the sons of Fenris, Bjorn the Fellhanded is the oldest warrior in the Imperium - having served as a warrior, Wolf Lord and Dreadnought, and fought dur… RRP: £30.00
Now: £34.50
Lukas the Trickster - Finecast Lukas the Trickster - Finecast Known as the embodiment of irreverence and youth, Lukas the Trickster has developed quite a following among the Blood Claws, using the strengths of his enemy against them - pu… RRP: £12.00
Now: £13.80
Wolf Guard with Wolf Claws - Finecast Wolf Guard with Wolf Claws - Finecast The elite warriors of the Fenrisian forces, Wolf Guard are equipped with the best weaponry and technology available to the Space Wolves. Having proved themselves in battle, th… RRP: £12.00
Now: £13.80
Wolf Guard - Finecast Wolf Guard - Finecast Hand picked by the Great Company Wolf Lords, in order to gain a position in the Wolf Guard, a Space Wolf Warrior needs to possess exceptional combat skill and a natural thirst… RRP: £12.00
Now: £13.80
Space Wolves Rune Priest - Finecast Space Wolves Rune Priest - Finecast Playing the same role that Librarians do for other Space Marine Chapters, Rune Priests use their psychic abilities to defend their Fenrisian brothers on the battlefield. Myste… RRP: £12.00
Now: £13.80
Space Wolves Iron Priest - Finecast Space Wolves Iron Priest - Finecast Iron priests are masters of technology - tasked with the maintenance of the war engines of the Adeptus Astartes, they are the ones who craft each weapon handled by the Space W… RRP: £12.00
Now: £13.80
Njal Stormcaller - Classic - Finecast Njal Stormcaller - Classic - Finecast Having studied under the great Rune Priest Heimdall, Njal Stormcaller is able to unleash the power of nature itself, and is rumoured to harbour the potential devastation of th… RRP: £15.00
Now: £17.25
Ulrik the Slayer - Finecast Ulrik the Slayer - Finecast The oldest of all Space Wolves - except for those whose souls fight from within the noble Dreadnoughts, Ulrik the Slayer has mentored some of the most respected of Fenrisian l… RRP: £12.00
Now: £13.80
Ragnar Blackmane - Finecast Ragnar Blackmane - Finecast An exceptionally talented warrior, and a natural leader of men - Ragnar Blackmane is a true Fenrisian legend. Having risen through the ranks of the Thunderfist tribe, he now s… RRP: £12.00
Now: £13.80
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About: Citadel Finecast

Citadel Finecast

Citadel Finecast

Note: If you wish to purchase any Finecast products please accept that this is a product for experienced modellers only and that some remedial effort is required due to the nature of the material and manufacturing techniques. If in doubt please do not purchase.

Ships To: Due to the GW trade terms we regret to inform customers that we can only ship this product to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, BFPO Addresses, Bulgaria, Channel Islands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Orders of this product to countries other than those listed will result in the item being cancelled from the order and your payment for it refunded.

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