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Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Singles - Hockley - 28th October 2017

From : Saturday, October 28, 2017 To : Saturday, October 28, 2017
Venue : SS5 4AD (Units 17 - 19 Eldon Way, Hockley, Essex)


This tournament will be 1850 points and must contain a minimum of 1HQ and 2Troops and no more than 1 Detachment. 

The Day

10:15-10:45 Registration and Army Check
11:00-13:00 Round 1 Cloak And Shadows
13:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:30 Round 2 Deadlock
15:30-17:30 Round 3 Cleanse and Capture
17:45 Results 

The Requirements 

1850 Point List (2 copies 1 to hand in and 1 for yourself)
Must Include 2 HQ and 3 Troop Choice's
Must Follow Battalion Detachment Force Organization
Army Book
Rulebook, Dice, Templates, Tapemeasure.
Tactical Objective Cards

How much is the event and what’s included?
Tickets are £5.00
There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, Wooden Spoon, Best Painted and Most Thematic List.

Bar and Lunch Facilities
We have a fully licensed bar, on site, with a wide range of drinks, snacks and food available. Hot food options include
Premium Hotdog
Cheese Burger
Cheese stacked Nachos (Vegetarian option)
Cheese Roll (Vegetarian option)

Contact Person : Simon
Email :