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X-Wing - South East Star Wars X-Wing Regional - 17th & 18th February 2018

From : Saturday, February 17, 2018 To : Sunday, February 18, 2018
Venue : SS5 4AD (Units 17 - 19 Eldon Way, Hockley, Essex)

What is the event and who is it for
Regional Championships follow Store Championships in the Organized Play calendar and are the next level in competition, prizes, and prestige. These exclusive events offer players a chance to test their skills against the best players in their region and compete for awesome prizes, including a precious first-round bye at a National Championship.
This is for any Star Wars X-Wing players that want to experience a weekend of fun events as well as the ultimate test of generalship to see who becomes the Regional Champion.
Day 1 will consist of 6 rounds of Swiss and day 2 will see the Top 16 Battle it out for the title. The Top 16 Cut will be Single Elimination games.
If you don’t make the cut on day 2 there will be lots of side events to enter that will lead to more prizes and even more fun. Day 2 is completely optional, but it is free to attend and take part in.
Premier Tournaments at this tier expect players to have a moderate amount of experience. Players should
be familiar with not only the game rules but also the event regulations. The focus is on a competitive and fair environment.
Where is the Event?
The event takes place at the Wayland Games Centre and will be run in the gaming hall. Players report to the store upon arrival for registration.
Schedule for the weekend
Saturday 17th February Main Tournament
9:30 - 10:00 Venue open & registration
10:15 Player Briefing
10:30-11:45 Round 1
12:00-13:15 Round 2
13:15-14:00 Lunch
14:10-15:25 Round 3
15:40-16:55 Round 4
16:55-17:30 Break
17:30-18:45 Round 5
19:00-20:15 Round 6
20:30 Top 16 Cut Announcement and Top 64 prizes given out based on swiss results.
21:00-21:45 Quiz
22:00 Venue closed
Sunday 18th February Top 16 and Side Events
10:00 Venue Opens
11:00-18:00 Top 16 Single Elimination Event
11:00-18:00 Side events (to be announced over the next few weeks)
All players who purchase tickets up to February 4th will be pre-registered, with table numbers generated in advance of the event. There will be no tickets available on the day, so please make sure you purchase your tickets ASAP in order that you don't miss out. Additionally, the venue will be open from 6:00pm -11:00pm on Friday for any players wishing to Pre-register or take part in practice games.
Bye Players:
If you have a regional Bye that you intend to use at the event, please make sure you get in contact once you have purchased your ticket and before February 4th 2018. If you do not get in contact before this date then you will be unable to use your Bye at the event, as all pairings will be generated in advance of the event.
What do you need to bring?
Players are responsible for bringing their own:
100pt fleet following the latest tournament rules as per the Fantasy Flight website.
X-Wing rules manual
Manoeuvre templates
Range ruler
Asteroids and tokens
The models for the Fleet they will use throughout the day chosen from one faction
Two copies of the pre-written Eligible fleet lists. One should be handed to the Tournament Organiser before the start of the first round.
Capacity – 100 players
How much is the event and what’s included?
Tickets are £20 and includes the following:
• Entry into South East X-wing Regional day 1 Swiss competition on Saturday 17th February 2018
• Entry into the Top 16 cut on day 2, Sunday 18th February 2018, if you qualify
• Entry into all of the side events on Sunday 18th February 2018 if you don’t make the cut
• Lunch provided Saturday (every player)
• Lunch provided Sunday for those making the Top 16 cut and all players that take part in the side events.
• Chance to win lots of prizes, trophies and awards (from the FFG Regional kit and those added by us).
There are a number of awards available as detailed below, additional prize support will be donated by the venue for best re-painted ship, and sporting behaviour as well as a number of randomly drawn prizes. This additional prize support will be based on the number of pre-registered ticket sales.
First Place: The winner will receive a coloured trophy depicting the Medal of Yavin and a first-round bye to a 2017 X-Wing National Championship.
Top Four: The top four players will each receive a set of orange and white acrylic manoeuvre templates. Prove that you know some winning moves!
Top Eight: The top eight players will each receive a set of sparkling attack and defence dice - four of each die!
Top Sixteen: The top sixteen players will each receive a set of 3 acrylic Thermal Detonator tokens - a favourite of bomb users who enjoy controlling the battlefield.
Top Sixty-Four: The top sixty-four players will each receive a copy of the alternate art card “Red Ace” - a T-70 X-Wing pilot that captures the feel of The Resistance refusing to go down without a fight.
Bar and Lunch Facilities
On-site we have a fully licensed bar with a wide range of drinks, snacks and food available. Hot food options include
•Premium Hotdog, Chilli Dog and Lincolnshire Hot Dog
•Cheese Burger
•Cheese stacked Nachos [Vegetarian option]
Who do I contact for more information?
If you have any queries first check the Event details or you can contact one of the Event Organisers for further information
The venue is a short drive or train journey from Southend on Sea, which offers a host of small family run B&B's and Hotels along the seafront, as well as plenty of options for evening entertainment.
If your looking for somewhere to stay in the area here are a few recommendations

Contact Person : Simon
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