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Home>Scibor Miniatures>Sci-fi Figures: 28mm> 28mm SciFi Roman Legionary Veteran #1

28mm SciFi Roman Legionary Veteran #1

28mm SciFi Roman Legionary Veteran #1
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This model may be used as a hero, independent character, trooper or whatever else you want - Scibor miniatures are intricately detailed, and make for fantastic display models for all you painters out there - or, they're equally as eye-catching when used as a centrepiece for an army. 

This model depicts an Imperial Veteran weilding a great powerful Halberd, clad in intricately inscribed armour atop a scenic base.

This Blister contains 1 resin miniature. This model is supplied unpainted, and assembly may also be required.


Manufacturer: Scibor Miniatures

Product Code: 28SF0056

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