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  • A Look Back at... Malifaux Nationals 2016! Day 1 (Part 2)


    You've read how Eless played at the start of Nationals 2016, see how the rest of her first day went HERE!

    Posted on Eless, Malifaux

  • A Look Back at... Malifaux Nationals 2016! Day 1 (Part 1)


    So this was it.

    The biggest Malifaux event in the world ever.

    124 players in one place, competing for prizes in painting, gaming, terrain making, and costumes, at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry.

    Truly the stage was set for another amazing weekend of gaming, socialising and (for some brave souls) an alarming amount of drinking…

    Posted on Eless, Malifaux

  • Basics of Bushido 2/2


    Liked Part 1 of the nitty-gritty of Bushido? Get stuck into Part 2, now!

    Posted on Peter F

  • Basics of Bushido 1/2


    Following on from my brief overview of the factions of the Jwar Isles, it’s time to get stuck into the nitty gritty of the game and attempt to talk you through the basics of Bushido.

    Posted on Peter F, Bushido

  • Crisis 2016: Daruma Productions


    Daruma Productions and Nightfall Games are doing something cool, something I haven't seen or heard before, as far as mechanics go. I'm keeping my eye on them, as should you.

    Posted on Steve DM

  • These are the LCGs you're looking for...


    Living Card Games; where do I start?!

    Posted on The Whizzard, Living Card Games

  • WeallFalldown...


    First of all. I am so so so sorry for the pun in the title. Very sorry. Won’t do it again. Scout’s honour.

    Posted on Eless, Malifaux

  • Circle of Blood


    Welcome back, dear reader, to the endless possibility of a story.

    Posted on Troy B, Age of Sigmar

  • Getting Started with the D&D Starter Set


    I'm going to make an admission now, the sort of admission you wouldn't regularly hear of a GM of my experience (decrepitude?); I haven't run all that much Dungeons and Dragons over the years. It was my first game, and I began with the venerable Red Box, but very soon after getting into RPGs I moved over to Rolemaster, Call of Cthulhu and other games. After that, if I ran any D&D it was always in specialised settings; like Planescape or the original Iron Kingdoms RPG for D&D 3.5 and, although I've played some sessions of D&D, it's far fewer than other games.

    Posted on Richard C

  • “Let’s kill the other guy!”


    We all know and love our wargames and, generally, go by the general rule of  “let’s kill the other guy!”
    As far as that goes, you're absolutely right and you have a right to play your games that way, but what if you invested more time to create a story behind everything? What if you could give your little plastic men/women/things a reason for wanting to destroy the other guy?

    Posted on Steve DM, Warhammer 40K

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