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Batman: Joker's Daughter Exclusive Preview

Published on 28/04/2015

  • Batman: Joker's Daughter Exclusive Preview

Hey Bat-fans! Hendybadger here again with an exclusive preview for you from Knight Models for the Batman Minis Game. The Joker's Daughter a.k.a Duela Dent

First of all, the thing all gamers want to see. The mini.

This Joker's Daughter is from the new 52 and is wearing the Joker's face!

Ok then, how about some rules for her?

The Joker's Daughter is a Sidekick for a Joker crew and comes in at 60 Reputation and $100. Armed with a Machete and her own Lipstick Gun, she is a deadly opponent on the table. Stats wise, you are looking at Willpower 6, Strength 5+, Movement 4, Attack 3, Defense 3, Endurance 6 and Special 3. Combined with her standard Traits of Acrobat, Discourage, Detective and Psycho, Ms Dent can get around quickly, spoil your opponents plans, grab Riddle Objectives and keep going at full effectiveness no matter how much damage she takes.

The Joker's Daughter also comes with three Special Traits:

Daddy's Girrrrl: If this character starts her activation within 10cm of a friendly Joker Leader, she gains an extra Attack Counter. This Can exceed the normal maximum (3) allowed by the usual rules. This seems like it will be great for her to protect the Joker from stray Henchmen.

Cruel (2SC): When in base contact with a K.O. Model, the character with this Trait may automatically remove the K.O. Model from the game as a casualty. Now that is a handy ability. 2 Special Counters to remove a model from the game? Yes please!

Aversion to Harley Quinn: Harley Quinn cannot be hired to the same crew as this character. Well, Duela and Harley really don't get on. I think it's something to do with the fact Harley doesn't like other people wearing her puddin's face!

What do you think of the Joker's Daughter then?

Will you be picking her up to join your Joker crew?

Or even to join Deathstroke, Deadshot and some Blackgates in a New Suicide Squad?

Until next time........

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