Wayland Games Limited - Data Protection Policy

Wayland Games Ltd, the operators of this web site, would like to reassure you of any concerns you may have over the privacy of your personal information.

This statement outlines:

Wayland Games Ltd's Data Protection Policy.
What personally identifiable information of is collected through this web site.
How the information is used by Wayland Games Ltd.
What choices are available to you regarding collection, use and distribution of the information.
How you can correct or update the information.
Data Protection Policy

The 1998 Data Protection Act regulates the processing of personal data whether held electronically or in printed form.

The company needs to process personal information about its customers, affiliates, and suppliers: for example, to allow it to complete orders, to facilitate delivery of goods, for payment of commissions or refunds, administrate accounts, and keep customers informed of our activities. In addition data may be transferred outside of the European Union where such data is necessary for Wayland Games Ltd to complete a contract transaction with the data subject, or where it is required by a supplier to provide services covered by a contract with the data subject. Corporate information is not subject to the Data Protection Act.

All data subjects are entitled to know what information the company holds and processes about them and why; how to gain access to it; how to keep it up to date; what the company is doing to comply with its obligations under the 1998 Act. All data subjects have the right to access any personal information kept about them by the company, either on computer or in manual files. Some information can be accessed automatically by the data subject if they hold an authorised logon password. For information not automatically available, a subject access request may be made in writing only to the company. The company may assert the right to make a charge on each occasion that such access is requested. In such cases a maximum charge of £10 would apply.

The company aims to comply as quickly as possible with requests for access to personal information and will ensure that it is provided within 21 days unless there is good reason for delay (and in any event within 40 days). When a request for access cannot be met within 21 days, the reason will be explained in writing to the data subject making the request. All data subjects have the right to request that their information be amended, erased or not used to make contact with them for marketing purposes. However Wayland Games Ltd cannot alter information used as part of a past contract between the data subject and the company (for example a purchase). The 1998 Act sets down a formal procedure for dealing with data subject access requests, which the company follows.

It is a condition of registration of members, affiliates, and direct purchase customers that they agree to the company's processing of specified classes of personal information. In general files will be kept centrally for the period of the data subject’s involvement with the company, and will be reviewed regularly to ensure the data is deleted when it is no longer necessary for processing.

Further details are available from the company (see below).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What personally identifiable information is collected through this web site and how it is used by Wayland Games Ltd:

While you are browsing the pages…

Our web server (through use of your IP address) automatically collects general information, such as which page user’s access. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are on the Internet. We use your IP address to monitor the number of pages accessed, help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our web site. We do not link your IP address to anything personally identifiable, so you will remain anonymous in the analysis of these logs.

Registration forms…

By its very nature such schemes requires that visitors choosing to participate submit some basic contact information through our signup forms. This information may include contact name, organisation name, address, telephone and fax numbers and your email address.


Cookies are locally saved text files that can only be accessed by your browser, they are not accessible by our server. This web site includes the use of cookies purely to assist your navigation around the site. We do not save any personal information to these cookies. Please be aware you can change the properties of your Internet browser to prevent cookies being saved and supplied to servers.


Occasionally we may outline promotions or competitions through these web pages or one of our publications. Information gathered for these are identical to registering as described above. All information collected from such activities are used in the same way as registration information as described above.

Send mail to the following postal address:

Wayland Games Limited
17 - 19 Eldon Way

Corrections and Updates:

You can request changes or updates to your registered information by going to the Members area of the web site

Requests for copy of personal information:

You can request a copy of the information held for you by sending a letter to:

Wayland Games Limited
17-19 Eldon Way

(enclose a cheque for £10.00 made payable to Wayland Games Ltd – please do not send cash)