Perdita Ortega

Welcomed into the Guild when times were desperate, a time when they were unable to turn able bodies away, the Ortega family name is now well known throughout the world of Malifaux as the first line of defense against the Neverborn faction.

Perdita Ortega rose to the ranks of leader of the Latigo posse in an unconventional move away from tradition by Franciso, the eldest of the Latigo posse. Francisco recognised Perdita’s skills of diplomacy and tactics and choose to step aside as leader for the good of their family.

So who is Perdita? She is a master with a gun, one of the finest shots you will ever comprehend, and loyal to her family until death. Stories say that she can hit a target from around a corner and that she can shoot a target with her eyes closed. Stories also say that she once used a single bullet to kill three Neverborn… These are just stories, however, as those who were brave enough to seek the truth about Perdita have arrived at no answers, just further questions.

In addition to being one of the greatest hunters in all of the land, Perdita also has a strange connection to the Neverborn having once caught one alive and bound it her will. This has led to rumours about who her mother is; smart people keep quiet and the stupid people? Well, they’re no longer around to question such matters.