Lockdown Leisure League: We’re All in this Together

As many of us face a return to some form of quarantine or lockdown, hobbyists too are ready to close our doors once again and try to put a dent in our never-ending  painting backlog.

Get Involved With #LockdownLeisureLeague On Social Media!

As you are all aware, taking part in face to face tabletop adventures with friends is sadly not possible at the moment. Especially since many  friendly and familiar hobby spaces have closed their doors to the general public.

Wayland Games and OnTableTop do not want you to feel disconnected from this social experience we all hold so close to our hearts. Whether it’s talking to friends as you put paint brush to miniatures, or the simple pleasure of the social nature of a game with someone - this is something which is missing for all of us right now.

In This Together

We understand being stuck behind closed doors and separated from our loved ones can have an emotional strain on our mental well-being. So over the next month, we will be running the Lockdown Leisure League.

The Lockdown Leisure League covers any type of Hobby, anywhere, by absolutely anybody. You could be an avid wargamer and want to showcase your newest paintjob, a board or card gamer looking to take on the next challenge with family, or maybe even an ambitious cosplayer; looking for the chance to showcase the next character you've been working on in Lockdown.

You do not need to be a professional to take part! Learn how to draw, paint, and play, as you sail through the lockdown with a community of hobbyists worldwide, alongside the teams at OnTableTop and Wayland Games.

Hobby With Us & Win!

During the Leisure Lockdown League, we will be giving away a variety of Golden Voucher Codes, available to be used on the OnTableTop or the Wayland Games store. These vouchers range from £5 all the way up to £50! You could use this to put towards a purchase of a new game you have been ogling, reinvest in your tools, or maybe pick up that set of miniatures you’ve been dying to snap up - the choice is yours.

How Do I Get Involved?

Engaging with the community is all you need to do, whether you are on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. All you have to do is include the hashtag #LockdownLeisureLeague in your post and we’ll keep an eye out for your fantastic work!

Not an active user of these platforms? Post an update of your hobby-antics with the above hashtag in the OnTableTop Forum Thread. Or you can engage in the OnTableTop Discord server where there will be a designated chat room, and you can engage in conversation with many other hobbyists similar to yourself. However you want to participate: you’re not alone and we cannot wait to see what you’re working on.

How do I win Golden Voucher Codes?

Each week the combined teams from Wayland Games and OnTableTop are going to be scouring Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord and the OnTableTop Forum Thread to see what you’ve been doing. Once we’ve picked winners we’ll be contacting those lucky enough to have snagged a voucher with a link which will allow you to claim it for the store of your choice. You might even get featured on OnTableTop’s Weekender in a special segment!

Whether you are in a large city, or a small corner of the world; we are all in this together and want to connect this large community of hobbyists (that we all proudly belong to) from around the globe to one place: through the Lockdown Leisure League.

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