Our Shipping Options

We work with many of the world's top courier companies and postal services to get products to you as quickly and safely as possible. With thousands of different products, some have restrictions or extra processes required to ship, the most common are below:

  • General Goods - Normal products made of plastic, card, resin etc and have very few or no restrictions globally. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Bulky Goods - These are goods with some restrictions or special requirements and cannot usually be carried by a normal postal service and therefore need a courier. Examples include: long boxes (playmats), very large (foam), liquids over 150ml, or something very heavy/valuable (airbrush compressor). These are marked with a “Bulky” sticker on the product page on our site. 

  • Hazardous Goods - These goods have the most restrictions placed on them as they have a chance to catch fire or explode! They cannot be taken by everyone and in most cases need certification to prove the correct packing and labelling procedures are being followed. Examples include: flammable liquids, solvents, and aerosols (spray paint). These are marked with a “Hazardous” sticker on the product page on our site. 

Below are our current shipping types and their details, we have also included the shipping methods we are working on for the future.

All of our methods are tracked and to get the details please log into your account and select the order. At the bottom of the screen, any deliveries for that order reference will load with the tracking details. 

United Kingdom

  • Standard Shipping - Usually carried by Royal Mail Tracked 48, sometimes other carriers are used to reach out of area destinations. This option is FREE on orders over £20 that do not contain Hazardous or Bulky goods. 

  • Enhanced Shipping - A courier shipping method used for Bulky and Hazardous goods in the UK.

  • Premium Shipping - Usually DPD Next Day for a fast efficient service that takes all types of goods. 

The EEA (European Economic Area)

All of our services to the EEA are DDP (Delivered Duties Paid), for more information about this please see our Brexit FAQ page.  

  • Standard Shipping - We use a variety of carriers depending on the destination country due to the UK leaving the EU. This service cannot carry Bulky or Hazardous items. The current countries we can deliver to using this service are; Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. 

  • Premium Shipping Road - This is a courier service which covers most areas in the EEA and can take Bulky items. 

  • Premium Shipping Air (NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE) - This is a courier service specifically for areas that cannot be delivered by road, this can also be used for specific road destinations and we will expand this to more locations as time goes on. This service is expensive for Bulky items (particularly large light items like foam) and cannot be used to deliver spray paints. 

  • Dangerous Goods Shipping EEA (NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE) - This is a road only courier service specifically set up to take Hazardous goods. If your cart contains a Hazardous item this will be your only shipping option. It is slightly more expensive due to the additional packaging and paperwork that needs completing to send the parcel. 

Rest of World

Our services into the rest of the world are DDU (Delivered Duties Unpaid), you will be responsible for any import taxes and duties on arrival. 

  • Premium Shipping RoW - This is a by air courier service which cannot take Hazardous items. 

  • Dangerous Goods Shipping RoW (NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE) - This is an air service which will be dedicated to taking Hazardous items. There are additional charges as sending these goods on a plane requires a lot of additional paperwork, which makes this more expensive than the usual Premium Shipping.