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Games Workshop is probably the best-known manufacturer of Wargames and tabletop miniatures. Its two biggest game worlds would be Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000. We stock a fantastic range of Games Workshop miniatures, games and hobby supplies including starter sets, terrain, citadel paints and more, at the best prices.

To make it easier for players, there are various starter sets available for each of the games, and we stock those too! Whether you're looking for new releases, boxed games, or miniatures for any Games Workshop tabletop games, we have everything you need. All available to order at reduced prices and with bigger discounts!

Games Workshop - Games

Although Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar are the most popular wargames of all of Games Workshop games, there are many more loved by hobbyists alike. Smaller games such as Blood Bowl, a game of fantasy football, Necromunda, and The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game are also popular Games Workshop games.

Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40,000 is a fictional universe with elements of science fantasy and representative of dystopian style.

With the combination of escalating war, corruption, bureaucratic inefficiency, and technological stagnation, the Imperium teeters on the brink of collapse, despite its size and power...

Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar (AoS)

Divulge into Warhammer Age of Sigmar; the third great age of the Mortal Realms. Angered, Sigmar created the mighty Stormcast Eternals and led them to fight against the Chaos thus beginning the Age of Sigmar.

The Mortal Realms are worlds of danger, magic and opportunity, of ancient myths, of gods, of hope, fear, and adventure.

Warhammer Underworlds

Shop Warhammer Underworlds
Shop Warhammer Underworlds

Gaming and Hobby Supplies

Games Workshop also have a fantastic range of paints and modelling tools under the name of Citadel, and a publishing arm with books under the Black Library banner. Additionally, they have a monthly magazine called White Dwarf with news, battle reports, painting tips, exclusive rules and photographs of miniatures for painting inspiration.

You may also want to visit the Games Workshop Community page to keep up with the latest updates and announcement made by Games Workshop!

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