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Wayland Games is Going Green

We have pledged to go green, and support our community to do the same, as we become more environmentally friendly.

How you ask? We’re making steps to improve our carbon footprint by reviewing questions of sustainability when making company decisions - which we have already begun. From recycling unwanted toys to environmentally-friendly packaging and beyond, we may be starting small but watch this space as our green initiatives continue to roll-out!

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Our Latest News on Going Green

You can view all the latest news, as we travel on our green journey, right here. So, join us as we introduce new environmental sustainability practices to Wayland Games and our associated brands. 

You can also find all the latest green news by checking out our blog or by following us on LinkedIn.

Keeping it Green in Manufacturing

We run the full end-to-end manufacturing process of all our Warcradle Studios plastic miniatures in-house - and we didn’t forget to include a green initiative.

Let's Recycle That Packaging

Our environmentally-friendly void fill is fully recyclable (please check your local recycling initiative for confirmation) and it easily biodegrades if added to landfill for those customers who do not have recycling facilities available.

Progress On Meeting Our Green Goals

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