Please read the list of Frequently Asked Questions below, if there is something you need or want to know then please raise a support ticket.

Q. What payment methods do we accept?

We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer and Major Credit/Debit Cards via SagePay or Realex, and PayPal Website Payments Pro Gateway. You can also pay for your order with store credit vouchers but Please note: at present, store credit can only be applied to products in the cart and not to services such as shipping charges.

Q. I want to place an order but the item isnt in stock, when do you take payment?

We intended to only take funds when items are in stock, However the time taken to process payments and the number of declined cards when funds taken means that we must charge cards and debit PayPal on order.

Q. What happens if I place an order that contains Pre Order Items and those available now?

The order will ship when the final item is in stock. Therefore please place seperate orders to ensure that your pre-order items ship seperately.

Q. What do our order statuses mean?

Awaiting Payment - Order has been placed but is awaiting payment to be authorised.

Preorder - At least one of the items in your order are not yet released.  As soon as all of the products in your order have officially been released and stocked we can ship your order to you.

On Backorder - Payment has been received and our staff are working hard to process your order - at this stage, the order may be awaiting re-stocks from our suppliers or may contain pre-order items.

Partly Dispatched - Part of your order has been packed and shipped, this is usually because an item did not arrive on the restock with everything else or a certain item has a slightly longer lead time. 

Dispatched - The order has been packed and shipped. A copy of the certificate of posting will be available by email within 24 hours.

Q. Once I order something what happens next?

Please note that all order turnaround times are indications rather than guarantees as variations in supply and demand can sometimes cause a backlog.

In Stock (X Ready to Ship) These items are currently in our warehouse and we will be used to fullfil your order as soon as possible. If you have items in the order that have other statuses however, these items will be shipped once any outstanding have been received in our warehouse. This can mean that items in stock are delayed as we wait for Pre-Order items (for example) to be available.

If any of your items are listed as "Available to Order: Restock Expected" then they will be ordered from our suppliers (usually direct from the manufacturer) and should arrive with us to ship within 3-9 working days.

'Pre-Order' Such items will usually become ✔ Available (Typically Ships in 3-9 Working Days) on the release date of the product (assuming we have received stock from the supplier). Please note release dates may be subject to change.

"Unavailable to Order" - The items cannot be ordered as they are out of stock with both us and our manufacturers or the item is no longer made.

Q. What happens if I order something and it is not available?

Sometimes products are removed from sale by suppliers without notice, in this instance we will offer an alternative or a refund. Please note: that at present, store credit can only be applied to products in the cart and not to services such as shipping charges.

Q. What Currencies do you Accept?

We only accept payment in GBP. If you are outside the UK. Your bank or credit card provider will often hit you with fees and charges for paying us in GBP. That should now be a thing of the past. When you place an order with us, if you use the Realex checkout option, you should only be charged in your own currency without any charges and the exchange rate should be great.

Our prices are also only calculated in GBP, any other currency shown on our store is an indicator only.

Should we need to refund you we will refund you the sterling amount due for your order or items. This may result in you receiving a different amount in your local currency due to fluctuations in exchange rates. If you opt to take store credit instead this will be applied to your account in sterling which will be unaffected.

Q. Can I add to my order once placed?

Once an order has been placed and paid for on our site we are unable to add items to it that exceed the original payment transaction. We can change items over or remove them so long as this keeps the value of the order the same or less than the original amount. Any difference will either be refunded to the original payment method or as a store credit voucher.

Q. How do I find my order details?

We have made this as clear as possible, you can see each item in your order, when those items were shipped and what carrier they went by with just one click. Go to your account, click on "Order History and Details" then click "Details" on the order you want to know more about. This will bring you to a new screen with loads of information on it. 

See the overall status of your order:

See how many of each item  you ordered, how many have been allocated to your order by our warehouse and see how many have already been shipped to you:

See what items were sent in each shipment, when it was sent and any tracking details:

Even see the detailed tracking information for orders shipped via a courier: