Loyalty Program

For every purchase you make, you will be rewarded with a number of Loyalty Points. This is just one of the ways we like to say thanks for shopping with us and hope you'll visit us again soon. To earn Loyalty Points you will need to create a Wayland Games Account and be logged in when you place your order.

After placing an order with us, you receive a reward based on the total price of your purchases (minus shipping and any coupons redeemed). The amount of Loyalty Points gained is displayed on each product page and added up in your shopping cart summary.

For every £1 you spend, you earn 1 Loyalty Point, equal to the value of £0.01.

So if you bought a product worth £55, you would be rewarded with 55 Loyalty Points. That's the equivalent of £0.55.

Similarly, if you bought a product worth £110, you would be rewarded with 110 Loyalty Points. Which is the equivalent of £1.10 When you consider how much you spend on wargames throughout the year, just think how many Loyalty Points you could be earning to put towards your next purchase!

Click here for full terms and conditions. 


Become a sponsor and get rewards for 500 days! 

Send out requests to your friends using any of the methods detailed in your account to become their sponsor. If they then create an account on the Wayland Games webstore you can look forward to some excellent rewards. As their sponsor every time one of your sponsees places an order you could be eligible 1% of its value.

Once the sponsees order has been shipped the reward value will be validated and 7 days later you will have the amount added to your Reward Account.

For example if you sponsor your friend and they place an order for £100, after we have shipped their order you will get £1 worth of credit added to your reward account.

This lasts for 500 days after your sponsee signs up to Wayland Games. As a sponsor you can have multiple sponsees so just think of the rewards you could get. If 10 friends place a £100 order each you could get £10 for your account!

For signing up the sponsee will also receive a £1.00 gift voucher to use on their first order.

You must have placed at least 1 previous order with Wayland Games with your new account to become a sponsor.  

Thanks for shopping with us. We hope all these little extras go a long way to helping you expand your collection!